Let the world proclaim Christ Jesus

Born in Alicante, Spain, Gabriel graduated from a master degree in music teaching and piano performance before studying theology at the International Theological Baptist Seminary at Rueschlikon, Zurich, Switzerland from 1964 to 1967.

After becoming an Anglican and confirmed, Gabriel was ordained deacon in June 1971 and priest in May 1972 in Madrid, by the Bishop of the Spanish Reformed Episcopal Church (Anglican Communion). After a curacy of two years in Madrid, he became rector of the Spanish Episcopal Church in Sabadell where he remained there for 24 years until the end of August 1998.  

The Most Revd George Carey, then the Archbishop of Canterbury appointed Gabriel as a Clerk in Holy Orders for the Church of England and went to work as assistant chaplain at St. Andrew's Church in Zurich, Switzerland from September 1998 until the end of February 2008. Then Gabriel went to All Saints' Church in Marseille, France as a Priest-in-charge until end of April 2013, and after a one and a half year of pause in Spain, including five months as Locum at St. George's Church in Barcelona, Spain.

Gabriel came to Cyprus as chaplain at Christ Church Ayia Napa, with some responsibility at St. Mark's, Famagusta, and shadow Senior Parish Priest of the also shadow Ammochostos Parish in Cyprus.

Besides the mentioned pastoral jobs, Revd Gabriel has also been national Youth Officer in the SREC (IERE in Spanish) and Ecumenical Officer in the same church, Secretary of the ecumenical Spanish body CECI (for Anglicans, Methodists and Presbyterians), and an Anglican member during five years of the Anglican-Old Catholic International Coordinating Council.